Pentair 460736 pool heater review

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Pentair 460736 Stainless Steel Mastertemp Grey, Almond Heater 0-2999 Altitude

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  • Heats up fast so no long waits before enjoying your pool or spa
  • Best-in-class energy efficiency*
  • Manual gas shut-off when service is required
  • Eco-friendly MasterTemp is certified for low NOx emission and outperforms industry standards
  • Rotating digital display allows for easy viewing

Product Description

If you are looking for a natural gas heater for your pool or spa, then Pentair 460736 MasterTemp 400 is the perfect solution. It is among the best pool heaters available in the market today, with all the convenience, efficiency and reliability you expect of an excellent pool heater. It is very easy to use due to its user-friendly indicator lights, which simplifies operation and monitoring.

Construction and Design of Pentair 460736

Pentair 460736
Pentair 460736

The Pentair 460736 comes in a perfect compact design and operates in a super-quiet sound to ensure that your leisure time is no disrupted. The design adopts a tough exterior and digital controls to ensure reliability and safety. The equipment measures around 120 lbs. in weight and 36 x 25 x 30 inches in size. It has been approved for installation on combustible surfaces.

For better results, ensure that Pentair 460736 is properly installed in your pool and the pool set-up is large enough to provide sufficient amount of natural gas required. Also, make sure that all your pool components work efficiently with the heater. The pool heater is made up cupro- nickel featuring low PH .This is an alloy of copper and nickel and provides more durability than the standard copper. A mixture of the two metals improves the overall strength and corrosion resistance of the machine. This makes it suitable for heating salty water. The unit includes a 2-inch slip unions and operates at 120 or 240 volts.

Features and Performance

When it comes to buying a perfect heater for your pool or spa, you need to consider the materials used in constructing and designing the heater and the type of your pool. Pentair 460736 MasterTemp 400 is fully pre-mixed with sufficient gas and air for an efficient heating process. It comes with a rust-proof and tough composite exterior that is capable of handling the heat.

The equipment heats up your pool so fast and you no longer have to wait for longer durations before the warm temperatures of your pool. It supports automatic operation though you can still shut off the gas supply manually. The machine adopts hot surface ignition, push button and digital controls for easy operation. The rotating digital displays place the controls front and center to allow easy monitoring of the whole heating operation.

There is a total of five LED lights that gives you the system status/information and indicates to you when your pool needs some heating. The pool heater is compatible with most control systems and is eco-friendly, with a low NOx emission certification. To sense whether the pump is running and avoid overheating, the Pentair 460736 MasterTemp 400 comes with a stack flue sensor guards and water pressure switch. There are also high-limit switches to shut off the heater in case the water temperatures exceeds the set limits.


Compact designing with multiple safety features like sensor guards and water pressure switches.

  • Made of nickel-copper alloy hence providing durability and corrosion resistance.
  • Easy and quick heating of your pool.
  • Operates at a super-quiet sound.
  • Comes in a perfect compact designing with a tough composite exterior.


  • Relatively expensive.


The Pentair 460736 is an awesome pool heater for those looking for durability and great performance. It features both safety and efficient pool heating performance.

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