Economical and Friendly to the Environment of Solar Pool Heater

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Smartpool WWS601P Sunheater Solar Pool Heater for In Ground Pools

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  • Keep your pool warm with a polypropylene heat collector
  • Solar heater features 80 square feet of solar panels
  • Pool accessory is perfect for heating any in-ground swimming pool
  • Panel array measures 4 feet wide x 20 feet long
  • Installation kit required (Sold Separately)

Many people use pool heaters to enjoy the pool during colder month. But the cost of energy goes through the roof, so most people don’t use their pool heaters all that often. Is there an alternative? Yes, there is – you can install a solar pool heater. This way, you get free energy of the sun and can enjoy your pool without worrying about energy bills.

How a solar heater for pools works?

Solar heater for a pool works the same as gas or electric pool heater, except that the source of energy is the sun. Since the sun provides power for free, your heater works of its energy and doesn’t need any other paid utilities.

The main part of a solar pool heater is the solar panels that are typically installed on your roof. You put them on a south-facing roof, and you must have a clear path for power connections through the house to the heater. It is best that that the heater is no farther than 40 feet away from the panels to prevent energy loss. Installation of a solar heater is not all that challenging, and most handy homeowners could install a solar pool heater themselves. If you are not up to doing it yourself, the company that sells solar pool heaters will always provide installation service.

 Solar pool heater initial cost

Sunheater Solar Pool Heater

Solar heaters provide free energy, and they are friendly to the environment, but there is a huge drawback – the original price. Even though solar heaters prices recently came down, solar units are still very pricey. Expect to pay a few thousand for a decent size solar heater.

Obviously, the bigger your pool, the most potent solar heater you will need. For example, for a pool, 15 feet by 30 feet, a solar pool heater would cost you about $2,000. Add another $1,000 for professional installation. The size of the solar pool heater you want to buy depends on the extent of the pool and where you live. Colder the climate, the larger heater you will need.

To make it easier for yourself, you can install your solar pool heater a few pieces at a time, adding more solar panels later. At the start, your other utilities can also be used, for heating the water in your pool. Even by partially powering the pool’s heater with a solar pool heater you can significantly reduce energy cost.

Good news is that most governments encourage people to install solar heaters. You can get a tax credit worth 30% of the cost of your solar system. Combined with the fact that after the initial installation, there will be no paying for the energy source, solar heaters for pools can save you a lot.

And if you enjoy your solar pool heater, you can later install the solar water heater. This will serve all your household needs for hot water, without paying for the energy.

You can extend the usage of your pool with a solar pool heater. And not only it will eventually save you money, but you will help to protect the environment.

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