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Hayward SwimClear C150S Single Element Cartridge Filter, 150 Square Feet

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  • Industry-leading hydraulic efficiency allows the pump to run at a lower speed or for less time, increasing energy savings
  • Easy-Lok ring design allows quick access to internal components for quick and simple maintenance
  • Recessed pressure gauge and manual air relief enables user to place head assembly upside down on pool pad, protecting the seal from contamination
  • 2" x 2 1/2" union connections make installation and servicing fast and easy

HAYWARD C150S, is one of the best and newest Hayward swim cleaner. It has 150 square feet of filter surface area that allows it to filter a wide area at a given time. It has a redesigned filter that moves the water that enters the pool up thus capturing more dirt on the surface of the filter. This ensures water clarity is achieved. It also has a lid locking ring, pressure gauge, ergonomic grip hands, and a manual air relief which provides a more convenient and smarter design for ease of maintenance and installation. The machine has an energy saving ability since it doesn’t consume much power due to the energy conservation materials that it is are made of.

hayward C150S

Features Hayward C150S

Ease access of service. It is easy to reach the internal materials that it is made of this allows simple maintenance. With the easy-Lock lid design, anyone can handle it, because it doesn’t need special skills to handle.

Energy saving. It has greater efficiency that allows the pump to run at ultimate low speed and less time. This mechanisms enable the machine to reduce the energy used and therefore you save the cost of energy that could be used.

It has a dimension of 33 � height and 18 ¼ width, that provides a large surface area for filtration of the water hence enabling it to take a minimum time possible for filtration.

Ease for installation, 2” by 2.5” makes servicing and installation much easier. The machine offers perfect adjustments with Hayward variable speed pumps thus ultimate energy efficiency.

The ergonomic grip hands. Provides easy service and also maintenance ensuring there is no direct contact with fiberglass-based surfaces

It has a lower body height. That allows fast cleaning and easy maintenance. This also reduces the amount of energy used thus reducing the cost of energy.


. It uses minimum amount of energy because it is made up of tools that uses minimum amount of energy hence saving you the cost of energy.

. It is easy to use. The simplicity of the appliance and design makes it to be usable by anybody giving it an advantage over the rest pool cleaners that are sophisticated.

. This swim cleaner is portable due to its size hence it can be carried on the hand when transporting it. The size also makes it occupy a small space hence it can be curried in a small vessel.

. It is pocket friendly as compared to other pool cleaners. The price of Hayward C150S ranges from $619 to $849.

. Apart from other benefits it is also easily accessible, it can be purchased online or in pool cleaner and equipment stores near you.

. HAYWARD C150S does not need additional swim cleaner materials and reagents since it does the cleaning efficiently leaving your pool crystal clear.

. Its efficiency enables it to be useable at larger and even smaller pools, it also comes with variety of colors depending on your preferential color.


In conclusion HAYWARD C150S is more preferable for you according to the benefits and features discussed above. Remember to follow the guidelines of using the machine. Also remember to read and follow the precautious measures when you are installing it.

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