Hayward SwimClear C3030 Pool Filter Review

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Hayward C3030 325 Square Foot SwimClear Cartridge Filter

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  • Full-size 1-1/2-inch integral drain for fast clean-out and flushing
  • Low-Profile tank base design makes removal of cartridge elements fast and simple
  • Noryl bulkhead provide strength and heat resistance
Hayward SwimClear C3030

A Breakdown of Benefits from the Hayward SwimClear C3030 Pool Filter

Looking for an easy to use pool filter that does a dynamite job keeping water clear? The Hayward SwimClear C3030 offers this and so much more. This model offers superior quality and several innovative features. Take a look at some benefits you will experience with this incomparable pool filter.

The cartridge design allows for the capturing of much smaller particles for pools, which attract very small dust and dirt to filter out. It removes pieces that get down to sizes from ten to fifteen microns with the cartridge filter. Not only does this type of filter capture smaller dirt but it also provides for greater energy savings and energy efficiency. This filter keeps the pump pressure low for operation requirements and also can actually prolong pump life by staying at a lower pressure.

The SwimClear tanks feature an advanced copolymer to increase the strength from years past. Advancing technology has been employed in the area of product durability to increase your ease of use and life of the product. In addition to new reinforced strength, the cartridge system has an advanced design to aid in the quickness of regular maintenance. Beginning with easy design features to remove filter cartridges for super easy replacement and washing.

One great benefit of the large capacity Hayward SwimClear C3030 filter is to actually save you hundreds of gallons of water per season. This makes upkeep simple and easy in the operation of the filtration of your pool. Simply use a regular garden hose to spray and rinse the elements clean instead of “backwashing” to keep it clean. By doing this you are able to save up to a reported two thousand and five hundred gallons per season.


This unit also features ultra-long cleaning cycles. Because of the range of square footage in dirt storage capacity, you can expect long times between sessions to clean the system. In some cases, the system can go the whole season and never require a session of cleaning. These are great benefits to help deliver fun instead of maintenance to you and whoever you enjoy sharing pool time with.

Focusing on the super strength tank constructed from a copolymer that is reinforced with glass it becomes obvious this is constructed perfectly for the toughest of conditions. From tough environmental situations to cleaning systems that are in-floor you are good to go. Maintaining the normal use of the system is kept even simpler as the tamper-proof clamp holds the bottom and top of the tank together keeping clear of all connections and piping. This fast access is both a time saver and an excellent design.

To mention a few extra beneficial features the unit has manual air relief, quad-cluster cartridge elements, and a tank bottom and top that are self-aligned. These aren’t all the innovative features or benefits contained in this system. No matter your pool use the innovations here are sure to prolong not only your system but also your time in the pool not maintaining it. Take a minute and get a closer look at this well thought-out design.

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