Kool Splash Water Slide

Intex Kool Splash Water Slide + Pump

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  • Constructed of super strong 20 gauge (0.50mm) vinyl materials and strong fused seams
  • Great for most any in-ground pool and any above ground pool with a sufficient pool height deck
  • 7 separate air chambers for extra safety and durability
  • Accepts a garden hose for built-in sprayers to keep the waterslide surface wet and fun
  • Includes 8 heavy-duty handles for safer climbing and carrying
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Water slide – joyful leisure of your kid

Each parent, who has a child, wants him only the finest things. Naturally, the best amusements for kids come with summer. Hot sun attracts babes and teens to water. They simply adore jumping there, splashing, swimming and playing amazing games. Meanwhile, not each mother or dad has a real possibility to bring his (her) baby to the sea store, to the ocean or at least to the lake. Some persons simply live too far from water, while the others have a constant fear – what if something wrong happens to their child while he/she plays there?

Today the parents can sigh with a relief – they can simply get compact inexpensive water slide for their sonny or beloved daughter. Moreover, these kids can easily invite their buddies to share the joy of jumping to water with them. Simply order this smart, easy-to-install stuff and relax – since the time you get the water slide, your life will be filled with delight.

Install Intex Waterslide

Intex Water slide is a perfect play center for kids of six and over. Besides your children will get positive emotion charge, they will become healthy and seasoned. Your small son or daughter will completely forget about running nose when he/she spends the whole summer splashing in the water, jumping from the water slide and getting only much optimism. Your beloved child will completely forget about modern gadgets, including iPhones, iPods and smartphones. This compact and lightweight water slide can be easily installed even in your back yard. Just never forget watering the surface of the slide, using usual garden hose and your children will hug you thankfully for this present that has a low cost, but which is valued so highly. Good careful parents always care first about health of their kids – this slide will be a beneficial help for this.

Reading real useful reviews at Amazon will let you to understand how to install the stuff correctly and use it, so that the slide can serve your family for long. Do not spare several minutes reading the notes of the other people, who have bought already the slide and successfully use it! To bring real (and safe!) summer to your home is so easy, and you can do it!

Kool Splash Waterslide for your kids

Kool Splash Waterslide can be easily installed separately or become a part of your home swimming pool. Children often envy adults, who can jump and splash in water. However, their moms and nannies simply never let them following the example of their parents and use the swimming pool for grown-ups. Ordering Kool Splash Waterslide and installing this stuff will solve all these existing problems. Your smart sonny or elegant daughter will change totally, when they see this inflatable device at home. It will not take too much room, but add to the life of all the members of your family the pleasure they really deserve. The installation of the waterslide is described in easy instructions to it. Read it – use your precious time, please! Just follow each step, and soon your house will be filled with happy voices of children.

Playful child – mother’s pride

Naturally, your kids can use their water slide when they want it. However, it is better to enjoy it during a sunny day, when no one drop of rain falls. The handles of the unit will easily help children to climb to the water slide and hold balance when it is needed. When you just get the waterslide, inflate it and install the item, call each of your kids to instruct them how to use the unit. Tell them about probable dangers that can wait for them, when they use the stuff, when no one adult will see them. When using the wonderful home attraction first, stay together with your children to help them when they need it. Each of these water slides is safe, but, as you know, it is always better to foresee the unwanted situation always.

Enjoy spending time with your sons and daughters in a swimming pool for adults while they slide and splash! Let this summer become the ideal time for your family!

Blast zone spray-n-splash 2 Inflatable Water Park

Simple set up and so much fun! Sprinkler at the top of the slide and refreshing pool to splash into at the bottom of the slide!

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