Gable & Lombard Warren G. Harris

ISBN: 9780671217440

Published: June 24th 1974


189 pages


Gable & Lombard  by  Warren G. Harris

Gable & Lombard by Warren G. Harris
June 24th 1974 | Hardcover | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, ZIP | 189 pages | ISBN: 9780671217440 | 10.30 Mb

When Im reading a biography/history, there are a few rules that, if they are broken, immediately make it fail the smell test for me.1. No conversations that couldnt possibly have been heard. In Gable & Lombard, Warren Harris somehow is able to tell us what Carole Lombard said as her plane was taking off for the final time.

Since the plane crashed a few minutes later and there were no survivors. Id love to know what form of telepathy made this possible. Ditto the private conversations that she and Gable had.2. Get the basic facts right. There is a touching scene at the end of the book where Gables body is lowered into the ground while folks stand around teary-eyed.

Except that hes in a crypt. The next part of the statement, that hes next to Carole, is true, but youd have to double-check to make sure that the author got that right, since the first part is wrong. Also, England declared war on Germany in September 1939, not October. It was in all the papers, and when a fact so easily retrieved is incorrect, you have to worry about the rest of the facts as they are presented.3. Gossip isnt fact. Yes, lets please trot out the Clara Bow slept with the whole USC Football Team trope again.

Its boring, its unproven and its not written here as a rumor, but as incontrovertible truth. Yawn.Clark Gable and Carole Lombard adored each other. That much is attested to by those who knew them. Gable was never the same after Lombards death, and thats painfully apparent just from looking at any photo of him taken after January 15, 1942. Theres plenty of story in their courtship, marriage and in the aftermath of that tragic crash to make a cracking book. If the basic rules of authorship arent followed, however, its enough to put anything that might actually be factual in doubt.

Thats a deep shame, because this story is worth telling well.

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