Arjuns Diary: The Call to Battle Umesh Sethi


Published: March 8th 2014



Arjuns Diary: The Call to Battle  by  Umesh Sethi

Arjuns Diary: The Call to Battle by Umesh Sethi
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Arjuns Diary - The Call to Battle is a story which connects the past with the present - a tale of how a shy student became the worlds greatest warrior of his time. What connects Sandhya, an NRI returning back to India on her cousins wedding, Raghav - an ex-armyman, GK Sethi - a multibillionaire, a nameless hermit high in the mountains- to Arjuna - the timeless hero.

We will hear a tale from the past - a tale which has never been told. The year is 3067 BC and the Pandavas have just joined their Gurukul. An exciting time awaits them. They will learn about weapon protocols, chariot warfare, the strategy of war- but above all they will learn about loyalty, courage and presence of mind. Gurukul itself is faced with strange happenings. Its defenses have been breached but nothing taken, a student has been abducted but then abandoned, a foolhardy enemy wants a war it is likely to lose. Elsewhere, a thief throws back a booty of gold coins stolen by him.

Why is all this happening and how does the fate of Hastinapur rest on the secret that Arjun carries but himself does not realize it?Find out all this and more as Arjuns Diary - The Call to Battle takes you on a thrilling adventure through time and space.

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