Cinderella: An Erotic Faerie Tale Jessamine Lane


Published: July 8th 2015



Cinderella: An Erotic Faerie Tale  by  Jessamine Lane

Cinderella: An Erotic Faerie Tale by Jessamine Lane
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I dont think I should be here, she said.You certainly look like you should be here, youre without a doubt the most beautiful woman attending this ball.Cinderella smiled a little at the compliment.Thank you but perhaps I should just go home, I dont belong here with these people, Im nothing.Never say that, his voice was stern in the shadows.

Do you understand me? Never say that about yourself again.Cinderella was shocked at his tone, but she nodded, a little afraid of his outburst.Come here so I can see you better, he ordered in the same tone, and she stepped forward into the dark.She felt her nipples harden in the cool air, and she crossed her arms over her chest.Drop you arms, he said.And she did.She could feel him so close to her, but she couldnt see him thanks to the lace and the night.Your curve of your hips in that dress is poetic, he said, and then he ran a finger along her bare arm and while she knew she should pull away, she couldnt.And the way your breasts rise and fall, when youre anxious, is enough to start a man wondering what they would look like out of the dress.Cinderella felt as though she was falling into the night, as his hand rested on her hip.The scent of jasmine filled the air, and the music from inside drifted across the garden.Never has Cinderella been more erotic than now.

Filled with pain, pleasure, and control, the Prince has a secret and so does Cinderella, but what will happen when their worlds finally collide?

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