The Gorgeous War: A Short Story. Jason OMahony



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The Gorgeous War: A Short Story.  by  Jason OMahony

The Gorgeous War: A Short Story. by Jason OMahony
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Jason OMahony has, in no particular order, been told by 94% of voters in the 1999 Dublin city council elections to go away, crashed a snowmobile in Northern Sweden, accidentally fondled a womans backside whilst in conversation with a European justice minister, and been accused of been paid millions by the Giant Lizards that allegedly run Europe.Based in Dublin, Ireland, he has written for media as diverse as The Irish Times, Dow Joness MarketWatch, The Dubliner magazine, The Phoenix magazine, and E!Sharp magazine.

He also wrote The Spoofers Guide to the Lisbon Treaty, which really annoyed Eurosceptics during the Irish Lisbon Treaty referendum.A political opponent once wrote to him to say that he hoped he died fromthe AIDS cancer death. Which was nice. Well, its always nice to get a letter, isnt it?Jason once appeared on national television to explain how Irish politics is like the plot of Superman III. He was never let on the show again.If he had a helmet and an axe he would resemble an extra from The Lord of The Rings.Jason is 38, but feels much older.The Ministry of Love is his first novel.

His favourite author is Christopher Buckley, although his guilty pleasure is reading 1970s paperback thrillers with pictures of Air Force One exploding, and stuff. Hes working on his second novel, which is provisionally entitled The Gemini Agenda, although that could change.He blogs about international politics, writing, books, TV, movies, and stuff that really annoys him in a thinly-read blog ( read by lonely Norwegian fishermen (probably), Dutch grandmothers (true), and cats that accidentally hit the right key on keyboards (probably true).

He spends a lot of time Googling himself and being disappointed.You can email him at [email protected], unless you are a)looking for money, b)wish to advise him on how to smuggle money out of Nigeria, or c)want to sell him pills to make his penis bigger.

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