Masked (Masked, #1) Lissa Matthews




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Masked (Masked, #1)  by  Lissa Matthews

Masked (Masked, #1) by Lissa Matthews
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Bobby tells himself the mask he’s been wearing all month is just part of the Halloween theme of Abyss, the alternative lifestyle club he frequents. But it’s not the truth. He’s in lust. He’s in the closet. And, he’s ready to come out. The only problem is, the man he’s interested in is a friend. A straight friend.Thor knows he’s being watched. What he can’t figure out is why?

Every weekend, the man in the black mask has been watching as Thor has flogged, paddled, and whipped submissive after submissive at his play station at Abyss. The man’s heated and unwavering gaze arouses Thor’s curiosity. Is the man a stalker? A jealous dominant or boyfriend? Thor isn’t sure, but decides it’s time to find out.As he approaches, something in the eyes of the masked man strikes Thor as familiar, but before he can question further, the man reveals exactly what he wants. A spanking. Bare-handed. In private. From Thor.Secret identities and hidden desires unfold between a seemingly straight Dominant and the submissive harboring a deep, long-held onto lust in Masked.Masked is the first in a trio of short stories about the developing feelings between Bobby and Thor.

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