Little Jew on the Gurney (1) Robert A. Reckinger


Published: November 21st 2008

Kindle Edition


Little Jew on the Gurney (1)  by  Robert A. Reckinger

Little Jew on the Gurney (1) by Robert A. Reckinger
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Colonel Carl Sarliner, Chief of Staff of German Army Communications, under General Feldfine, iss returning through Poland from the Eastern Front on his return to Berlin.He is being driven by his aide through a snow squall, as they approach the German border.The headlights of the car fall upon a small boy in shorts, and school jacket. The wounded boy attempts to run from the slippery road, but falls into a snow bank.The Colonel orders his aid to stop the car, and they pick up the screaming boy.

They find that the boy is an adopted son of a British aeronautical engineer and his wife, arrested in Warsaw for attempting to obtain information on Germanys first test of the Jet airplane.They also learn that the boy is a jew, whos parents had been killed in an auto accident in England. The Colonel recalls a dream in which he sees a tiny blond haired jewish infant lying alone on a gurney in a stark hospital room.This is that child, the Colonel says to himself.Now, what am I going to do?

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